Questions about quality and telemetry

I have questions about getting statistics on video quality:

  1. Is it possible to determine the reason why the quality drops from Q3 to Q1 (320*180) ?
  2. How does JVB measure the quality of the channel to the client? Can it be predicted?
  3. Project GitHub - jitsi/rtcstats uses data from the client. Is there a similar project with JVB metrics? I found GitHub - engesin/Jitsi-Prometheus-Exporter: Jitsi Prometheus Exporter (JPE) but here generalized statistics are used, but I would like to see a conference-participant-stream-track metrics. Is it possible to get it?
  4. Is it possible to determine which headset-camera is used? Some users experience issues with certain brands.

I don’t think we have stats for that.

It estimates the bandwidth and backs down if packet loss is perceived (this is an oversimplification).

I don’t think we feed rtcstats from the JVB.

I think the current device is something which is sent to rtcstats.

We do actually. GitHub - jitsi/jvb-rtcstats-push

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Is it possible to get statistics on user-agents - what client-version(browser or mobile) do users use?

You can do that with enabling amplitude integration.

Or writing your own analytics implementation, adding that and handling it in your choice of backend.