Questions about Jitsi Videobridge


i am interesting in Jitsi. i am very happy to talk about Jitsi.
please answer about my question.

Here is a list of more specific questions:

  1. What is the max number of conferences it can handle per videobridge?

  2. What is the realistic max number of participants per conference, so that it is still stable and quality is good?

  3. What is the max total number of participants per Jitsi Videobridge instance, i.e. on a single machine?

  4. What is a typical bandwidth usage? Is there some kind of formula that can be used to estimate it based on the number of participants and may be the resolution of video streams?


Hey there, these are very abstract questions that cannot be answered with a number.

  1. This depends on the sizes of the conference. There is an old performance evaluation you can check, I think Boris from the jitsi team is working on a new one, but there is no ETA for it.

  2. This is limited and from the clients, currently client machine can handle ~15-20 participants. There is of course and last-n which is enabled can increase the number (all particpants audio and video above a specified number will be suspended/not forwarded to clients).
    But we are currently working on big conferences the goal is to host events with 500 people.

  3. Look at the performance evaluation, this depends on the size of the conference and the network of the machine.

  4. If I remember correctly it is something like 1080 6Mbit, 720p 3Mbit, 180p(thumnail) 300Kbit, and I don’t remember the value for 360p.
    So if we say its 720p from user the formula is 3 + 300*num_participants. This the download per participant, or upload of jvb per participant. And every participant is sending 3Mbit to jvb.

These are all cases with simulcast enabled, currently supported only in chrome on our side. If you use Firefox it will send only 720p and this stream will be forwarded to the other participants even for thumbnails and for those users you need to change the 300k with 3Mbit.


Hi damencho,

thank you for your kind answer.
i want to make below services. is it possible by Jitsi videobridge(1 source) ?
if not, please tell me good solution(Jitsi meet, Jitsi videobridge,…) on each service

  1. Multi conference service ( ~ 40 participants on single server)
  2. 1 : 10000 Broadcasting service

  1. You need jitsi-meet (this includes prosody, jitsi-videobridge, jicofo and of course jitsi-meet web).
  2. You need to add jibri to the system above and you can stream a conference to youtube, from there you can send the link and broadcast to millions.


i want to make broadcasting service ( ~ 10000 participants). could you tell me what best jitsi solution for broadcasting service?
if it is jitsi solution for broadcasting service, what’s the performance?
ex) jitsi solution can 5000 stream a server.


So you have a conference with 10-20 people and using jibri( you stream it to youtube. I believe youtube can handle milion of viewers.


thanks kind answer.

it’s not conference service.
i want to make 1 user broadcasting system(1:10000, SFU). and i don’t want to use youtube.
what’s best jitsi solution for 1 user broadcasting system?


Jitsi-Meet is a conferencing solution, where multiple people can join and collaborate, but cannot currently be used with 10000 participants. It has this option to use jibri to broadcast to youtube or any broadcast service as youtube that supports feeding it with rtmp stream.
So if you are searching for pure broadcast service and you don’t want to use jitsi-meet+jibri, you need to check for another solution.