Questions about Jitsi Scalable Setup & P2P

I recently installed a Single Server Jitsi Instance which described Jitsi Quick Installation and successfully embedding video meeting room with the iFrame API.

But I still have some questions.

  1. Can this Single Server Jitsi Instance uses the P2P feature, by following the guide TURN Setup?
  2. Can the iFrame API uses the P2P feature by default? If (1) is doable
  3. 1 GB Memory / 1 AMD vCPU / 25 GB Disk / NYC1 - Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64, with this VPS specification, how many 1:1 calls can be performed with JVB, and how many 1:1 calls with P2P? (Quick math or guest is fine, no need to be very detail)
  4. For the Scalable Setup, 1 VPS for the Jitsi Meet, and the N others VPS for the JVB, am I right?

Thank you, sorry for the beginner questions.

yes, P2P should work

P2P is related in the server side. Since the server is configured correctly, it will work on iFrame too

These resources are not enough and it will crash at some point

This is OK if you only need more concurrent meetings in a single shard without recording/streaming support

Hi emrah,
Thank you for your answer and help,

  • Do you have a suggestion for a resource to handle 100-200 concurrent 1:1 meetings?
  • Even the media streaming is done through P2P and not hitting/using the server’s bandwidth, this resource isn’t enough?

Okee, so I think I’ve mistaken the Architecture (Single Jitsi-Meet, multiple videobridges) that’s written here: DevOps Guide (scalable setup).

  • That is a Single Jitsi-Meet & multiple videobridges inside one VPS (right?)
  • Are there some Scalable Setup with Jitsi-Meet in one VPS, but the videobridges in other two or three VPSs? or Jitsi-Meet in many VPS along with its videobridges, does anyone have online resources for me to learn it?

Thank you Jitsi & Community members.

This is not a recomendation but I prefere something like

  • JMS (without a JVB)
    4 cores / 8 GB RAM

  • 2 x JVB
    4 cores / 8 GB RAM

At least 8 GB RAM is required for a simple standalone Jibri setup with default configuration.
And at least 2 cores…

JMS and JVBs are on different instances