Question with video from computer, but audio from a phone

This is more of a I’m curious questions, as I hane’t tried to implement dial-in/dial-out yet.
In a multi-participant , does the focus for the video follow the audio from the phone, as it would if everything was going through the pc?

It should follow.
When jigasi mixes, it should be detecting sound levels and add them to the rtp extension (rfc6464) and the bridge uses those to detect dominant speaker. If you are using a translator mode, the sip provider should support this and pass it in the rtp extension.

thanks… next question is a bit out of scope…but can you point me into the right direction for setting up dialin/dialout (mainly as it might relate to asterisk)?

Thanks again!

Install jigasi, for it you will need sip account created in asterisk. There are several examples in the forum, for example here is one: [jitsi-dev] IVR/Dial-In setup

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@damencho thanks again for pointing me in the right direction…I think I have jigasi setup…,but I don’t think I was clear on my question. If a user joins a meeting with video only, can that user then join with a phone to supply audio and mic? having the video from one source, and the audio from another, mixing the two and presenting it as a single participant /sources? And then, would focus follow? My use case is I have a few conference rooms with phone and cameras but no audio/mics.
Thanks again

No, this is not possible.

do you know if this is on a the road map? I believe other services, like webex have this functionality.

No, it is not. Every participant is separate, there is no logic of merging participants planned.

gotcha! I found a conference phone that doubles as a bluetooth speak/mic…I went ahead and ordered it…It might be able to workaround for me. thanks again for your help and feedback.