QUESTION: Where is the Jitsi server?

If you start a video conference using Jitsi, which computer is doing all the computing for the conference? Where is this server?

If participants are in a remote location, like Antarctica, does the location of the server have much influence? If you are able to run your own server for Jitsi, does this help much? What are the most important hardware components for this?

Does the Jitsi organization need more powerful servers to help their software run well for the world? How can people donate equipment?

We are already running enough bridges to make sure everything is operational well and we are monitoring it daily.
We are running in 6 regions in the world.

Can you share some stats about number of meetings/streams held daily / weekly / monthly ? Most participants ? Perhaps even some details on the current infrastructure ? It would be nice to see that in the blog some time.

You can join the community call and ask your questions there, it is not clear to me, whether I can share such data.
I can say we have thousands of users daily, especiually the last month where we saw a huge grow …