Question to Devs - security options for guests

I just wanted to ask a question?

Can anyone who enters the conference room see the password shield/ security options?
Just any random user?

I would like to know as I have not used it as a user just the owner so if you could answer that question that would be great :wink:
I am re installing it and getting jitsi ready for the public again.
Can anyone answer this question then ?

yes a guest user can see the shield and click on it but can to nothing with it. It’s a small UI defect I guess.

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Yes as long as they can not use it then there is no security vulnerability.
It would be madness to allow just anyone to use it lol but it should be hidden from the public I think .
Only the room owner has that right and that’s it.
That would stop a lot of problems and i’m guessing they got round to doing that in the end.

I’m making mine so only I can make the rooms too.

It would be interesting if the owner of the room had the option to be invisible to :wink:
I’d like that because I am making all the rooms and I will have complete control and using other methods to but yes that would be great, invisible staff or mods or owner of rooms.