Question on OperationSets (Was: Jingle compatibility.)


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На 04.07.11 08:34, CY Jiang написа:

I want to know which design pattern did the sip operationset used?

We are not using any specific design patter in particular. At least not
intentionally. All protocol implementations in Jitsi come with a number
of OperationSet implementations depending on the features they support.

there are some operations extend the MethodProcessor,some do not,
Can you explain the reasons?

Method processors are responsible for handling a specific type of
requests. All OperationSets that need to be responsible for SIP requests
use it. Most implement it themselves and others like,
OperationSetMessageWaitingSipImpl, instantiate anonymous implementations.

Not all op sets need to do this though. OperationSetDTMFSipImpl and
OperationSetServerStoredAccountInfoSipImpl for example do not need to
directly handle incoming messages.

OperationSetTypingNotificationsSipImpl on the other hand only handles
some MESSAGE requests which it is handed by the main messaging operation

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