Question of Browser compatibility

I set up a self-host Jitsi Meet on our internal local network, and I met a compatibility problem on Chrome version 76. Our jitsi meet works fine on latest Chrome browser(version is 94), but when I connected some old computers (Chrome version is 76) to the meeting, they were not able to see the others. In the participants pane of these computers, all the others are mute and camera disabled.
So I tested on to repeat this issue, when I connected two computers (chrome version is 76) to a meeting, it worked fine. but when I connected more than two users to the meeting, this issue repeated.
So my question is,
Does Jitsi-meet support Chrome version 76?
If not, from the console error message, could some experts glad to help give me some suggestion?

Chrome 76 is really, really old. A lot has changed since it was released. WebRTC is primarily driven by google and they base advancements on their browser’s capabilities. From your report, it appears the principal issue is in traffic through the bridge. P2P appears to work, but media relay through the bridge is running into some bottlenecks. Perhaps you can try using the Electron desktop app on the old computers to see if that helps.

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latest log in jitsi source is 2b7a256aa63ed0b5f371f670d164f811876d6d99

Author: Jaya Allamsetty <>
Date:   Tue May 4 11:12:45 2021 -0400

    chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
    * Add dependency for promise.allSettled. Older chrome versions like M72 do not support Promise.allSettled.

however it’s already outdated. Nothing less than 83 will work as you have seen for yourself.
Don’t have any illusion on ascending compatibility from Jitsi devs. This is ‘modern’ stuff.
You could try the Electron client and pray that it works. Or Firefox (same).

Thanks a lot for your information, I will try to check if it can work or not and will give up to try the old version.

Thank you all for the information. I will install newer Chrome on our old computers.

After done more tests, I found the docker version is able to support Chrome version 76, but the URL must be exact correct. For example:
For the latest chrome version, however, in that case, you can input the URL as:
The latest Chrome is able to add the https:// automatically, but the older version cannot.
I tested on chrome version 76,79, when I inputed the exact URL, both worked fine.

Excellent. Thanks for reporting back.