[QUESTION] How to avoid downtimes setting up multiple Jitsi Meet instances for High Availability

Hello all, this is my question:
I’d like to have multiple main JMS (Jitsi Meet Server) with multiple JVB (Jitsi Videobridge) to listen on the same domain and switch them in case one of the 2 goes down, the other one switch as main one.


  • 2 JMS configured the same way
  • 4 JVB configured to work with JMS

Let’s imagine that I have this meet.example.test jitsi powered website, the JMS goes in fault…

Potential unwanted solutions, since doesn’t fit:

  • I should switch the IP on DNS or something like that with obvious potential impact on SSL and DNS propagation problems
  • I could have a Load Balancer, but I’d just moove the bottleneck to the LB server, so it’s anyway a bad solution.


  • Do you know any provider that has an HA (High Availability) service that in case the main server goes down the immediately power on a clone or a preconfigured snapshot?
  • Do you know any service provider that offer an automatically scalable server? Like if ram usage goes up it automatically increment it?
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HAProxy that sticks sessions to url parameter and you can switch servers there based on health or something else. This is how meet.jit.si works.

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Anyblink to it?