Question around limits - Docker / Kubernetes - Concurrent Users / Concurrent Conferences / Jibri

Have been playing around with Jitsi for over a week now and I have a few questions, I would be grateful to anyone who could share some knowledge.

My setup

Used the helm chart by zemphasi which is present in one of the prs to docker-jitsi-meet. It has mostly all default configurations. I have a simple kubernetes cluster which is running one of each container ( web, jvb, jicofo, jibri, prosody ). So now lets get into the questions :-

  1. What is the max number of users that can join a single conference. Can this value be changed? If so is there an upper limit that we absolutely cannot cross.
  2. How many concurrent conferences can happen at once in a 2cpu + 2GB ram host machine that is hosting all of the above containers (or pods in the case of k8s). A rough estimate would do. But is there such a value that I can find somewhere just to understand when scaling of my infra should start.
  3. And most importantly does each jibri container handle only one recording at a time, if not is there an upper limit to how many recordings can happen in one container ?
  4. Also can only one jibri container run its recording functionality in a hostmachine. Meaning if there are two jibri containers in a single hostmachine. Both recording two concurrently running conferences, would that work? If it would, is there an upper limit to how many jibri containers can simultaneously record from a single host machine.

Sorry for the big block of text. But I really hope someone will be able to answer these question.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!