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I am a Media Specialist in the district I work in and I help with a lot of tech questions. I have a Summer school teacher that has no more than 7 students in her session but shows that she has over 30 with a bunch of icons…basically a bunch of rows and columns with no pics, although she can see the student in one of them. She also tries to kick a student out of a session, she clicks on the 3 dots in their icon and the only thing it can do is change volume…does not give her the option of kicking them out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is this on


Can you share to me the link that was used, you can send it in a private message?


This is some deployment that has authentication enabled. So the teacher should be joining authenticated to be able to kick or mute someone.

How does she do that?

How does she do that? Sorry little confused.

The first to join is asked for username and password.

So in order for her to do that she has to join the session before anyone else?

This is how authentication works when anonymousdomain is enabled, the first one to join is the host creating the room, the rest are guests.

Ok makes sense…thank you so much! Last question…when the kids join using their parent’s phones the web camera won’t turn on…avoid phones for webcam purposes?

Not sure why is that …

That’s ok, thank you for your time!