Question about scalability - single conference vs. multiple conferences?


I am new to Jitsi, and I was wondering if there are some details regarding scalability depending on the usage. If I were to do a local install, and want to have 100-200 simultaneous users, does it make a difference if they are all in the same “room” or in different rooms (i.e. one room with 100 users vs. 10 rooms with 10 users, all at the same time)? Is the scaling using multiple jvb instances as described in the best way to ensure good quality for all participants?

It depends mostly your hardware configuration.

In my little expirience with Jitsi own server, a room with more than 30 simultaneous users (with video/mic enabled) are not a good experience.

See this post What are Jitsi Meet requirements for self-hosting?

If your 100-200 simultaneous users are in different rooms its your bandwith and hw you have to monitor.

Hi @Lissandro
If you need to go with 100 - 200 simultaneous users, then you have to do vertical and horizontal load balancing.

Good to know, thanks for sharing @akalana

May i ask you an example configuration of load balance you made to hold a meeting with 100-200 peopple?
1/2 jitsi meet, 1/2/3/4 jvb ? And the hardware