Question about Performance and number of users per session

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I want to thank you for this good product and supporting each other.

I am interested to know about number of participants per session, how many persons can be inside a meeting if only one( teacher uses camera and audio + slides) all others just type in chat if they have some questions or from time tk time they raise hand and get access to camera audio etc.

Can this way work with up to 150-200 per session?

No, on there is hard limit to 75, we are working to bring that to 100.

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Is this 75 limit is also effective with no audio/video?
What happens to session (and to new users) when the 76th participant tries to enter into a full room?

No matter audio or video … The participant in the browser see a wanring, the one dialing in hears a message.

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but I had the very same question and a follow up. Now that my question is answered, here is my follow up question:

Is there also a limit if one sets up a server of her/his own? If so, can that be modified by editing the server configuration somehow?

I understand that there would still be inevitable limits due to technical matters such as bandwidth, server capabilities, etc. and the quality of the meeting may deteriorate as the number of attendees increase.


I’m sorry because I didn’t read accurately about
Is that limit present at Debian packages?


Is still limit 75 active ? I see you have put some new updates in Jitsi in total so is the limit still 75 per server or per session/room and also can we increase it manually then see what happens.

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That limit is a configuration. The deployment has that configured to 75.