Question about Noise Detection sensibility

Does anyone have an idea about how the sensibility of the noise detection module is set ?
It seems to be hard-coded on the VADNoiseDetection.js file of lib-jitsi-meet.

I have seen many cases where the user microphone was very noisy and the NoisyMic event is not sent
As we now have a very good noise suppression mechanism (very efficient on bad laptop integrated mic), I want to test if it can improve the user experience to fire more quickly a Noisy Mic notification.
And we can also add a reference to the noise suppression option in this Noisy Mic notification.


@andrei-gavrilescu can you help?


You’re right that it’s hard-coded, there really isn’t any magic formula to how we determine the noisy mic state, it’s just some heuristics based on our testing.
The two variables you’d be interested in (inside VADNoiseDetection.js module) are:
VAD_NOISE_AVG_THRESHOLD - what the average noise score for a period of time has to be for audio to be considered noisy
NOISY_AUDIO_LEVEL_THRESHOLD - what the average audio levels have to be above for the audio to be considered noisy.
You can probably play around with the values there to get a more accurate reading. Hope this helps.

Thank you, it is exactly what I was looking for.