Question about load testing concurrency with Jitsi-Meet-Torture

Hi Jitsi Team,

After set up the selenium grid and jitsi-meet-torture on my mac (1.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5), I try to use following commands to do load testing towards our self-host jitsi-meeting server

  1. start-up selenium grid successfully
    java -jar selenium-server-.jar standalone
    13:14:51.858 INFO [Standalone.execute] - Started Selenium Standalone 4.6.0 (revision 79f1c02ae20):

  2. execute with the participants parameter is “10” (want to have ten participants to join the target meet at the same time)
    ./scripts/ --conferences=1 --participants=10 --senders=1 --audio-senders=2 --duration=120 --room-name-prefix=alex --hub-url=http: --instance-url=https://jitsi.self.domain

The test successfully started but only 4 participants at most to join the conference concurrently.
I noticed the log of selenium-server as below, not sure whether the number of participants concurrency is limited to my mac’s CPU cores, if so, I wonder how to use jitsi-meet-torture to do load testing for more participants concurrently
Is there any configuration I missed for this?
Waiting for your kindly reply as always

13:14:46.974 INFO [LoggingOptions.configureLogEncoding] - Using the system default encoding
13:14:46.990 INFO [OpenTelemetryTracer.createTracer] - Using OpenTelemetry for tracing
13:14:48.819 INFO [NodeOptions.getSessionFactories] - Detected 4 available processors
13:14:49.472 WARN [DriverService.findExecutable] - Unable to obtain driver using Selenium Manager: Error running command: [/var/folders/xv/lwbptv6n38l2kr6pdm6ltfbh0000gn/T/selenium-manager108370048107282010175528459593587863/selenium-manager, --driver, msedgedriver]
Build info: version: ‘4.6.0’, revision: ‘79f1c02ae20’
System info: ‘Mac OS X’, os.arch: ‘x86_64’, os.version: ‘12.6’, java.version: ‘11.0.16’
Driver info: driver.version: unknown
13:14:51.172 INFO [NodeOptions.discoverDrivers] - Discovered 3 driver(s)
13:14:51.233 INFO [] - Adding Safari for {“browserName”: “safari”} 1 times
13:14:51.234 INFO [] - Adding Chrome for {“browserName”: “chrome”} 4 times
13:14:51.236 INFO [] - Adding Firefox for {“browserName”: “firefox”} 4 times
13:14:51.296 INFO [Node.] - Binding additional locator mechanisms: id, relative, name
13:14:51.361 INFO [GridModel.setAvailability] - Switching Node e7b97749-615d-4822-922d-3c39ee0b53da (uri: from DOWN to UP
13:14:51.362 INFO [LocalDistributor.add] - Added node e7b97749-615d-4822-922d-3c39ee0b53da at Health check every 120s
13:14:51.858 INFO [Standalone.execute] - Started Selenium Standalone 4.6.0 (revision 79f1c02ae20):

Using selenium grid with multiple machines.

Hi damencho, got it. Thanks for your information.