Question about Jitsi for Mentoring Nonprofit

Hi, I’m really new to all of this so any insight is greatly appreciated. I work at a nonprofit that provides mentoring to children challenged by parental incarceration. In a non-COVID world, we have our mentors meet with their matched mentee once a week during the students’ lunch. Now we’re anticipating that our mentors won’t be able to meet with their mentees in the fall (at the very least) and we are hoping to find a platform that can do the following:

  • support 650 - 700 matches
  • allow mentor and mentee to communicate in a way that doesn’t share their personal email addresses/contact info
  • ideally archive text conversations and store video calls for review by staff (doesn’t need to be for forever, maybe 30 days?)

Are these features things that can be customized within Jitsi or is this something we would need to have custom-built?

Thanks for reading, again any help is very greatly appreciated!

I offer online Bible studies, is it possible to show my PowerPoint as I am teaching? Will it also pick up the audio from external speaker? Some people will be joining in my study by phone.