Question about international connectivity to the site


I tried to set up conference with some people in the states and also with a few folks in the UK.
The stateside participants can all see one another and chat back and forth but to them the UK members are just meeple avatars with no video or sound available. The connection status on each of them shows a grey icon and says something like unavailable or something like that.
On the UK side the participants see each other and have the same result with the US participants being defunct.

I tried that on my local install and all participants were able to interact as designed.

Any idea on how to get that figured out with the online jitsi offering?




Thank you for the report! Would you mind sharing more information about your call privately with the Jitsi team so that we can investigate? You can email or me personally.



Thanks bud. I have sent you a PM



Thanks again for the report. We were eventually able to reproduce the problem and track it down to premature expiration of the octo channels. There’s a fix here (it hasn’t made it to yet):

The problem only occurs when the conference has two bridges, then goes to one for a period of 2-3 minutes or longer, and then goes to two or more bridges again. If this happens again a work around is to switch to a new conference (choose a different name).




No problem Boris. I’m glad to have been able to help.
I heard the issue mentioned on the meeting.
I’m still whacking away at my local deployment.
I still need to go back and figure out how to update my install to the latest version.
I’m not really that swift with it yet.
I have the /opt install from source and I want to make sure it’s up to the latest version.
But thats something for another thread I suppose.
Thanks and you’re welcome man.