Question about config.js in jitsi SDK 6.2.2 (android 12 app)


I see that changes in config.js + building the SDK (jitsi-meet/android/scripts/ doesn’t take affect.

I tried to change the following configuration parameters:
enableNoisyMicDetection: false,
startSilent: true,
startWithAudioMuted: true,

Is this the correct way to change the above ?

I also call .setAudioMuted(true) but I still see the green mic icon on the right side of the screen.

Is it possible to disable audio completely ? Can you explain how ?


config.js is dynamically downloaded from the server.

The first 2 are not implemented on mobile. The last one is.

Muting the mic doesn’t release the microphone, it just stops transmitting it.

It’s not possible, sorry.