Query the current 'status' of Jibri

Hello team,

I want to Query the current ‘status’ of Jibri (is it busy or is it available to start a new service),
So can i know the api to query jibri status.

You can check it using the http API: https://github.com/jitsi/jibri/blob/master/doc/http_api.md#url

Just a heads up that doc is a bit out of date: the endpoint is correct, but the response looks slightly different.

Thanks for the quick reply @damencho @bbaldino

But i get this error of 404.
Jitsi and jibri are on different servers how the jitsi route to jibri and return the status?

I’m not quite surer I followed your question. So the url you requested there is for the Jibri machine, but you got what looks like a jitsi-meet response back? It looks like you made that request on the jitsi-meet server, not the jibri server.