I have few queries about DYNAMIC_BRANDING_URL. I have enabled multi-tenant on my docker setup.

  1. How to use this URL dynamically? Right now I have set it to DYNAMIC_BRANDING_URL=https://s3_storage/metadata/myorg1/brand.json where myorg1 is the organization name. The URL I’m using is static and hard-coded right now in the .env file and I can start the meeting using URL like https://example/com/org1/room_name and then it shows the background, logo, etc. BUT if I start the meeting using URL https://example.com/org2/room_name then no background, no logo, etc. How to configure DYNAMIC_BRANDING_URL in such a way that it accepts any organization i.e org1, org2 ---> orgN?

  2. How to configure it using jitsi-meet external api (using iframe)?

@damencho Could you please help?

@emrah Could you please help?

If I’m reading the source correctly, Jitsi meet will call brandingDataUrl with a conferenceFqn param containing the /room (or /tenant/room for multi-tenant setup) which will allow you to return different branding for different tenants. However, brandingDataUrl is only used if dynamicBrandingUrl is not set.

For example, if you set brandingDataUrl to https://api.example.com/branding and a user visits https://meet.example.com/org1/conf123, then branding data would be retrieved from https://api.example.com/branding?conferenceFqn=/org1/conf123

This does mean you won’t be able to use static hosting of branding data and will need some logic on the backend to parse the param and return the appropriate branding.

I don’t see dynamicBrandingUrl or brandingDataUrl in the config whitelist, so I don’t think this is something you can change from the iFrame API and has to be set in config.js on the server.

Thanks a lot Shawn for responding. they changed brandingDataUrl to dynamicBrandingUrl.
ref: here

But the problem is if I try to set it in iframe then it isn’t working. it is not picked up jitsi server. Earlier brandingdataUrl was working fine with iframe too.

The problem with brandingdataUrl if used with iframe was that the jibri unable to show the background and logo in recorded video.

Thanks for clarification, and apologies if I muddied the water with my intrusion.

Interesting that on dockers side BRANDING_DATA_URL is replaced by DYNAMIC_BRANDING_URL but on latest jitsi meet code dynamicBrandingUrl is ignored if brandingDataUrl is set, and conference name only passed to brandingDataUrl and not dynamicBrandingUrl.

It is quite possible I’m missing the bigger picture here and I’m once again muddying the water :smiley:

@damencho Could you please clear our doubts? Is it true that we can’t configure dynamicBrandingUrl using iFrame?

No, you cannot, that is not whitelisted and in general, whitelisting a URL is a security risk for participants as someone can use it to forward information from your jitsi-meet to a third-party instance …
All those URLs can be set on your deployment in config.js.

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@metadata hello how you are do are make he worke? He no worke for me even I put like so for me config.js

dynamicBrandingUrl: 'https://example.com/file/brand.json'

and inside me brand.json I put

logoImageUrl: 'https://example.com/logo-img.png'

But he no worke. Please sugeste me how I are fixe?

check out this answer

I’ll share the steps soon. Little busy right now with some high priority work.

Thank you for me responde. I check the poste but he not talk about dynamic branding. Also I no use docker I use reguler instale

  1. create a directory on GitHub. let’s name it myserver.
  2. Now create a directory my_org in the myserver directory.
  3. create a file jitsibrand.json in the my_org directory and myserver directory.
  4. Put the below content in the jitsibrand.json file created under the my_org directory.

  1. Put the below content in the jitsibrand.json file created under the myserver directory.
  1. set dynamicBrandingUrl: 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/your_user_name/myserver/main/my_org/jitsibrand.json',