Quck HowTo for jitsi-meet on ubuntu 18.04 with apache and Shibboleth

Hi Coimmunity!
i made a quick Howto or jitsi-meet on ubuntu 18.04 with apache and Shibboleth: https://github.com/flyinghuman/jitsi-meet/wiki/jitsi-meet-with-Apache-on-Ubuntu-18.04-and-Shibboleth-Authentication

@devs please review it; if all is okay i will also add it to the official jitsi github wiki :slight_smile:

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@flyinghuman great howto, thanks. I got SAML working with nginx (build shibb modules from source) on a test server. I think the main problem for most people is getting shibboleth itself to work. Could you post your shibb configuration?

it is the same like it is for other webapps. i will add our config to the tutorial at some point when i find some time for it and if it’s not security concerning; i must first verify this internally.

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i added the howto to official wiki: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/wiki/jitsi-meet-with-Apache-on-Ubuntu-18.04-and-Shibboleth-Authentication

and also added some shibd config sections

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