Quality of screensharing sometimes decrades even with 30fps

Based on recommendations from this community we default screenshare to 30fps in order to disable simulcast and to get best possible quality on the screen share.

We are however seeing that this does not always help, the quality sometimes decrades even if all participants has optimal connection.

Are we missing something? Or is this a known issue?

Who recommended disabling simulcast? This is generally not a good idea unless all your participants are in a fully-controlled network environment.

Could be me misunderstanding how things work, I read a post about this somewhere deep down in the forum mentioning capScreenshareBitrate is deprecated and forcing 30fps for screenshare will give a similar behivior

Issues with config.js and screensharing. · Issue #8574 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Do these settings still apply? Maybe my qeustion is more in the line of what finetuning settings are recommended to help improve userexperince with screensharing.

That was from a few years back. There have been many improvements and optimizations to screensharing since then. Screensharing now defaults to high definition and that’s hard-coded. If the network is inadequate, then the stream is lost. I don’t believe there’s an option to have lower quality screenshare.


Does that mean, in https://meet.jit.si in the settings tab, we have an option for Desktop Sharing frame rate -

This setting does not work now?