Quality and connection issues - where's the point? Also some admin questions

Hi Folks,
I’m struggeling on our Jitsi-Install for about a week now.
I had several problems since my server is bound into our network and i don’t have full access to our main server/router/firewall.
So my actual setup looks like that:
I’ve a physical server running ESXI.
I’ve a VM setup on this machine running Ubuntu 18.04 Server.
The VM is connected to the main network using a static IP. To get around our main-server I’m using a VPN to get a static, public IP. We’ve a A-Name entry on our webhosting serivce which points to our VPN-IP. So far so good.
The VM is running, we can connet to our server and start meetings.
But we have some seroius quality/performance issues.
As my fellow tried to start a meeting with about 20 users the other day, quality and performance were catastrophal. So I tried to improve and set quality to 720p as I thought it might be too much bandwidth. I also turned off the cams on join.
I configured our server to be safe - so every organisator has to authenticate with user and password.
We’re hosting our server in-house, using a DSL connection with 250/25MBit/s.
I tried a test today with about 9-10 users and it wasn’t quite a pleasure. One time I lost connection, the audio was real slurry and wobbled most of the time.
But I’m not sure where the problem is. Our network useage is only around 3-4MBit/s, CPU is not even close to 50%, RAM is also not very high… I’m almost getting crazy about this.
Might this be a configuration or a network problem?
Might it be a problem using a VPN tunnel over our LAN to expose the host on the www?
Any suggestions?

Some other questions:
I find it really uncomfortable creating 40 users with username & password as well as changing their individual passwords via console only - is there a comfortable way to get around? I tried to use some prosody plugins the other day but I didn’t get it working.

Is there any way to list active meetings, including users? Would be nice when I’m monitoring the data on our server… I found some topics about this but none that handles exactly this case…

How to horizontal flip camera image? I’m using a virtual camera when in homeoffice. The problem is: Jitsi switches the image horizontally. So if I’m showing my phone’s display to my participants, the image is flipped and they can’t really read the texts on it. I used an uncomfortable workaround and showed them the window by screen sharing function. But it would be great if there was an option with the hardware options to wether do or not flip the image.

I’m hoping to get this server working in the next days - as you can imagine - we’re needing it to teach our students and connect my colleagues.

Yours, Dirk

Looking at your upload this should be enough just for 5 participants. So having quality issues can be expected. And I was seeing in the past that DSL is not very tolerant about high packet rate connections which is the case for media …

How about using https://meet.jit.si instead?

Thank you for your reply. I’m a bit confused as our bandwidth (the vm uses) never got over about 3 MBit/s. So I investigated this and found that I only get about 80/3 MBit/s to this server. No matter if VPN is connected or not…
I did a speedtest using speedtest-cli.
So there might be a problem with out LAN-configuration.
What about my other questions? Any solutions for the administration?

not possible due to privacy protection… we’d like to have all data realted to our students in our house on our own server, if possible.

@damencho IIRC on meet.jit.si E2EE option has been enabled already, right?

It is but needs chrome beta.

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There are some posts community users using rest API and grafana