QoS on iOS

When using Jitsi client in iOS/Android, we need to have QoS markings sent for Wireless/Wired QoS.

Are there any settings that can be pushed to the user when they attach to our Docker Back-end?

You better use port based prioritisation outside of the clients.
There is no such option at the moment and QoS is not available on all OS so I doubt this will happen some day.
Overall recommendations for webrtc is to prfioritize based on port.

How do you propose we do that on Mobile apps? There’s no controls for that in iOS/Android.

You do it in the network where you want to prioritise packets.

The problem is Wireless QoS, that’s done between device and radio. Once it’s on the wire, sure I can prioritize it. This solution is going into a Hospital setting, where there is contention for wireless radio time. We are needing to prioritize video/audio in the air before it hits the wire.