Purpie is out in alpha release

We are happy to announce that Purpie is out. It is basically an open source video based social media solution. We have been working on the project time to time for 3 years with the talended Doganbros crew.

Purpie orchestrates Jitsi and some other open source media delivery solutions. It was born from Jitsi community and exactly from this thread: Jitsi Admin Panel

Purpie is open source and will be open source. Will be very happy to see some of you as a contributor to Purpie.

Check Purpie web site Purpie.org and to try out Purpie visit Purpie.io


Thanks for sharing! The purpie.io link gives a 404 error.

Are you sure? It seems working.

I see 404 too. Nginx error page. Works if I switch to Https.

Possible. It is in alpha for few days only. Will check.

Ok i see. Need to forward http requests to https.

Have changed Purpie links to https meanwhile will update Nginx config.