Publisher info


Hi all,
I have installed Jitsi meet electron app on my machine and I want to add publisher info how and where to do that?

Thanks in advance.


Can you give more details, what is publisher info?


I mean the information I should add to avoid warning messages that appears when I’m going to install the application like this message warning


This means we probably need to change the certificate used for signing the app.
Hey @saghul we are using the one from Jitsi Desktop, right? Maybe it was revoked after the recent company changes … ?


@damencho good catch. Most likely yes, so we’ll need to cut a new release with new certs sooner rather than later.


When those are available :wink:


If I am rebranding the app how I sign app with my name?
Thank you for your help.

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We are using travis to build it and sign it, so check out that.