Public disconnection of webcams

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How an admin or class host can turn off all webcams at once, such as cutting off microphones altogether

This is possible in latest versions, soon we will deploy it on

Hi, Thanks
When will the new version be released?

In the following weeks.

Hello, how is it possible to define permission for microphones so that anyone who wants to connect can first get permission and after confirmation can speak ??/?

There is no such feature at the moment, but it is something we are working on. There is no ETA for this feature yet.
We call this force muted, where a moderator can force-mute participants, and those participants will ask for permission from the moderator to speak, and once the permission is granted they will be able to unmute.

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How can this silent force be applied to the server?

It is work in progress feat(force-mute): add force-mute support by gimre · Pull Request #604 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

thnaks but i don’t understand , this page isn’t have source code or help

I see, so you need to wait till we release that in stable.

Thanks, sir

The system has a severe lag.
How do I fix this problem?

Hi , Is a new version of jitsi released now?

What do you mean? I showed you the PR and we haven’t work on it since yesterday, I have no ETA. And it takes time before something reaches stable.
Looking at current tasks that will take months. Asking every day will not speed things, but the other way around.

Thanks, I did not mean to upset you