PSA: New Docker images released!

You’ve probably seen the announcement of the new stable release (build 3508, remember this, it will be important later) here: Urgent: Update Jitsi Meet Now!

We just published a new set of Docker images which contain this new stable release, together with a bunch of bugfixes to the dockerfiles themselves.

What’s also new (and was requested by you people many times in the past) is that these Docker images are now tagged with the stable build number! That took a while, sorry about that!

So, remember that number I told you before? 3508, right. Docker images tagged as 3508 include the Jitsi Meet stable release build 3508. You can track this across all repositories (jitsi-meet, jicofo, jvb, …) by looking for the stable/jitsi-meet_3508 tag.

If you are hearing about this for the first time now, go ahead and give it a try:

Happy dockering!