PSA: Chrome M81 DTLS 1.0 removal


Chrome has deprecated support for DTLS 1.0 and the fallback to DTLS 1.0 will be removed in M81, which is expected to hit Stable in early 2020 and Canary probably in November 2019.

The new versions of jitsi-videobridge, since 2.0, support DTLS 1.2 through jitsi-media-transform and will not be affected by this change. However, we have NOT backported support for DTLS 1.2 to libjitsi, and at this time we have no plans to do so. Thus jitsi-videobridge versions prior to 2.0 will not work with Chrome M81 and above.

We recommend that users of older jitsi-videobridge versions plan and start testing an upgrade to 2.0. We will try to assist with any issues the upgrade, just post a message to these forums.

We are still investingating a few issues with jitsi-videobridge 2.0, but it is very close to being stable and we expect to be switching to it soon, and subsequently promoting it to the be the default version on debian.

Contribution from the community for DTLS 1.2 support in libjitsi (which requires updating the bouncycastle dependency) are also welcome.