Prosody users : when deleting a user, he can access again and everytime to creates meetings


Hello Jitsi Meet team!
We did a test : added a user on prosody, connecting with, and then we deleted the user with the command :
prosodyctl deluser

But the user can access again to the account and creates meeting on Jitsi Meet after that… To be “ok” (to have again the authentification working as it has to be), the user himself have to delete the cache of the navigator, but this not so good as many users don’t empty cache…

So then, when we don’t want to let an access to some users, and delete them, they can continue to use the app / create meetings everytime.
Any solution to that ? It is a security problem for us.

Thanks for your help!


You can enable in jicofo:

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Thanks Damencho!
That code need to be placed in /etc/jitsi/jicofo on or ?

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Ok, i did it on the sip-communicator file :slight_smile: It is working : ask always to authentificates to create a meeting.
Much better!
Thanks again for your help !


Man, simply the best!