Prosody provide etc/prosody location in Windows

I am using prosody in windows and from the documentation (Documentation – Prosody IM ), it is shown that it takes the location to find a file through etc/prosody/ . Unfortunately, I am using windows and I want to provide the location of a file. The right location of file: C:\Users\saif\.jitsi-meet-cfg\prosody\config\prosody.cfg.lua

When I enter the command using docker through git bash:

$ winpty docker-compose exec prosody prosodyctl --config /config/prosody.cfg.lua register saif meet.jitsi pass

I get this message:

Prosody was unable to find the configuration file.
We looked for: /etc/prosody/C:/Program Files/Git/config/prosody.cfg.lua
A sample config file is included in the Prosody download called prosody.cfg.lua.dist
Copy or rename it to prosody.cfg.lua and edit as necessary.
More help on configuring Prosody can be found at
Good luck!

As you see, the location is completely wrong. How do I provide the right location in my command?

Try to do it in 2 steps. First enter the container by exec-ing into /bin/bash, then run prosodyctl inside.

Sorry but I am not able to understand. I will explain where my files are located.
The whole docker-jitsi container:


and the config files are present here:


So I open the cmd/bash inside of E:\docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6865 and then I run the command I showed above. I feel I should make prosody point towards C:\Users\saif\.jitsi-meet-cfg which I am not able to achieve.

That directory is mounted inside the container. So the simplest is to enter the container and run it locally.