Prosody plain auth enabled, if lobby is ON and the moderator leaves, no query to join

Hi guys!
I’ve set authentication = “internal_plain”, for the first to go into a room and also enabled lobby posibility:

VirtualHost “”
authentication = “anonymous”
modules_enabled = {

c2s_require_encryption = false
lobby_muc = ""
main_muc = ""

But then, if the moderator gets kicked out (connection, pc, whatever issues), none of the other participants becomes a moderator. Which is great. Then again, if lobby is set up, the moderator needs to ask to join, OR put in the meeting password. Bad, if no password is set, as none of the others is moderator to get the query, that someoone want’s to join. So password is essential in my setup, prior enabling lobby. But it get’s even worse, as even putting the password and joining in… and gaining something like moderation level access, so the ex-moderator is back again and can disable lobby and remove password, the ex-moderator does not get a query, if someone asks to join. The queries go into nirvana somehow. An even disable and reenable lobby by the ex-moderator do not give him the right to see if someone is queriing to join. So one can shoot his foot of with the lobby function, that is, if the meeting is extremely large, and can not ask all to leave and rejoin.
Am I missing something here, or others encounter the same issue?
That’s for Your comments and thoughts!

Hi guys,

anyone has a hint on this?
Problem is, if I enable lobby in the , …and the moderator leaves, it could be a great issue, for people not able to ask for permission.
Workaround is just using a password and no lobby, but…
Yeah, any ideas would be great.