Prosody PEP Service Behaviour


I have a question about pep_service in Prosody. When we have a presence update on one of the Jibri, the pep_service loads all jibris, and publish the presence to all other joined Jibri’s.

Same thing also happens with JVB’s. When a JVB sends a Presence it is distributed to all other JVB’s.

Do we really need that? Isn’t it enough only to publish through Jicofo?

When we have like 100 Jibri, one Jibri’s presence is distributed to 99 other Jibris which generates a lot traffic on Prosody.

What are your thoughts?


You can use: mod_firewall - Prosody Community Modules
To limit those.

You can do:
FROM: breweryjid
TO: user@host – the user used by jibri
KIND: presence
TYPE: available
NOT INSPECT: {}x/status@code=110

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mod_firewall works. Thank you @damencho.