Prosody OAuthBearer authentication module


I’m pretty new with JITSI and Prosody and I’m trying to integrate JITSI’s authentication with CAS (which is a centralized auth server) using OAuth2 protocol.

I’ve found a Prosody auth module fot using OAuth called mod_auth_oauthbearer but I havent been able to make ir work.

I already have my CAS OAuth2 configured and working but I can’t actually understand which authentication flow (which OAuth grant) this prosody module uses, as it doesnt look to be using any of the OAuth spec grants.

I wonder if I have to use some other module to get the token and the use the oauth module to check if it is valid or not…?

If someone has integrate JITSI through OAuth with and Auth Server (doesnt need to be CAS) I would be grateful if he/she could give me some clues about this topic.

Thanks in advance!

I finally managed to implement OAuth authentication but in order to do so I had to develop my own Prosody Module ad-hoc for my Auth Server.

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Hi there! Could you please share some insight with the community on your solution, im trying also to do a similar integration for my oauth2 server