Prosody not listening on port 5347 and neither throwing up any error on Windows Server

Trying to Install Jitsi on Windows Server (without WSL). While starting Prosody, it give the following output.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Prosody>prosody.bat
general info Hello and welcome to Prosody version 0.9.8
general info Prosody is using the select backend for connection handling
portmanager info Activated service ‘s2s’ on [::]:5269, [*]:5269
mod_s2s warn No local IPv4 or IPv6 addresses detected, outgoing connections may fail
portmanager info Activated service ‘c2s’ on [::]:5222, [*]:5222
portmanager info Activated service ‘legacy_ssl’ on no ports

No where it shows or throws up any error related port 5347, not being available or being used by some other application.

It also not shows up when I do nestat -a

Also, when I try to do telnet on port 5347, it give an response following response
C:>telnet localhost 5347
Connecting To localhost…Could not open connection to the host, on port 5347: Connect failed

Can someone help me here. I have been able to run it successfully using WSL, but now trying to run it directly on Windows Server.

Looking for some directions which can help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance