Prosody module:hook("muc-room-created") can not be fire

Excuse me, I use a muc component.(Using docker to deployment(version docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6173))
As follow

Because I want to record chat message, I use hook to listen “muc-room-created” event, but always can not has any response(function can not run in this event function).

Can any one help ??
Many Thanks.

There is my error log.

it seems to say that you are trying to restart another instance of Prosody as a non-priviledged user - if this is it, it’s a very strange idea, how about restarting the service instead ?

I restart many times…

do you use sudo systemctl restart prosody ?

I user service prosody restart, but I think is the same.

what’s the output of

cat /etc/lsb-rekease

systemctl status prosody

dpkg -l | grep prosody

sudo prosodyctl about

There is no lsb-release file.

probably because it’s a docker container. I did not notice this detail in your post. Actually if you had tagged your post with ‘Docker’ I’d not have seen it because I filter these posts out - I don’t know Docker so I defintely can’t help you on how to make a custom prosody module for Docker.

OK,Thank you.