Prosody login page

Is there anybody that could make prosody work fine and do register before that users being able to use the server?
If yes please say me what to do step by step i need login page.

Follow this to add authentication in your installed jitsi meet server.
by following this you will have this condition…
“only authenticated user will be able to create the room and after creating room anyone can join as you are allowing anonymous persons by anonymous domain. but only authenticated(room creator or other can first join and then authenticate himself) user will have the moderator power, others are normal participant”
if you want everyone to be authenticated first and then join then you just should remove the anonymous domain so everyone have to authenticate first to create/join room but the problem is, everyone there will be moderator…
if u wanna divide role and also authenticate all then u should implement it yourself (from my knowledge). But another easy way to deploy same type of environment is using anonymous domain and set a password for the room after any moderator creates the room. so after creating room only by a moderator, everyone have to know the password to join that room and other moderator can also join first by giving password and then authenticate himself to be one of the moderator in that room.
I hope this will help u a lot and save u a bulk time… Thanx :heart:

Tnx but i dont have problem to others get moderator role i dont want some users mess up my resource with using that without my permit so i need to just let registered user loging and make room. is there a bash file to do that? or exact command lines? because i tried the way that introduced in quick install but unable to activate that.

@reza_afsh just follow the instructions from the link that @Fuji posted above.

i did that thanks thats ok now :slight_smile:
and now i faced with new problem
on 1 machine i make several session with some browser and join 1 room with all of them thats work fine and all have voice and video but when i connect to a room with 2 machine any one of them has no video or voice from other one
i set the sip that said in install page for NAT but dont know why that happen now.

you should post with detailed information like console logs or other logs with some pictures so the problem can be understood well…
u can also try docker version where it will be more easy for u I think…

if u have little knowledge about docker it will work just fine…! Thanx