Prosody, Jicofo,JVB flow diagram

Hi @damencho @Guus_der_Kinderen , Do we have any flow diagram of Prosody , Jicofo and JVB ? , Where I can understand below step .

  1. How to Prosody send & receive signals between participants ?.
  2. How to Jicofo manage the session between participants ?.
  3. How to focus create and join ? .

Prosody is just the xmpp server and does not do anything special. Clients and jicofo just enter a regular muc.

The flow is that the client establishes an xmpp connection and sends a conference IQ to jicofo, and it is jicofo that creates the room if not created, does additional checks if needed (in case of authentication enabled And when jicofo returns success the client joins the muc ( When there are more than one participants in the muc jicofo sends jingle session-initate to clients with the information of the bridge channels (ip-address and ports), which jicofo had opened for the clients.
In the js web console if you execute APP.conference.saveLogs() you will get a log file with all bosh/xmpp messages exchanged with the xmpp server and you can see the behavior described above.

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A simple network diagram is available here:

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