Prosody end_conference module

Hello one and all.

With the newest incarnation of jitsi there is an end_conference module in prosody along with a component with the same name. The UX now gives me two opportunities to end a meeing. Leaving it running or not. But it does not work. When I choose “leave it running” I can’t actually leave the meeting. Does that work for someone? What needs to be configured?

cheers, t.

How do you test it?

Well, I enabled the module and then when hitting the now blue call icon in a meeting I see the two options. “end meeting for all” does not end the meeting it seems. I see a red circle in the middle of the screen but that’s it.

This option is already enabled in the current stable. Did you upgrade an old setup?

Can other peers communicate after the moderator terminates the meeting? Maybe, unchanged UI causes misunderstanding

Yes they can. Conference is still running. Those two option in prosody are the only ones needed?

Thanks @emrah for taking the time. I guess it all works as expected. I got confused by not being redirected to the welcome page after clicking “end meeting for all”. I’m still in the closed meeting somehow. After clicking the red phone icon again I’m back on the welcome page.

cheers, t.

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In my opinion all participants should be redirected to the welcome page when a moderator clicks “end meeting for all”.
Now every participant gets the impression that the meeting is still running, but nobody else is in the meeting anymore. The extra click on the now red hang up button should not be needed.

And my prosody logs the error “general error No muc_component specified. No muc to operate on!” on startup if end_conference_component is enabled in prosody config. And I am sure I have configured a muc_component for end_conference. And “end meeting for all” is working in spite of the error message.

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@saghul @wfleischer ^ :slight_smile:

I believe there are already plans to improve this at some point.

In the meantime, if you happen to be using the IFrame API, you can workaround this by listening for readyToClose event then triggering a redirect yourself.

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The return to welcome page as part of the end meeting feature had been abandoned in favour of a future restructure of this behaviour: feat(toolbox): add end conference by wfleischer · Pull Request #10838 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub.

Meanwhile you can consider adding the line in discussion to your custom code.