Prosody database error


I am using jitsi release stable-7439 that comprises of prosody 0.12.1 and Lua 5.4.

I tried to enable sql storage support in prosody but it seems that there are some missing dependencies regarding Lua DB API in Lua 5.4 which prevents prosody from properly bootstrapping sql storage.

Below are the errors from prosody logs:

modulemanager                                                error	Error initializing module 'storage_sql' on '': /usr/share/lua/5.4/prosody/util/startup.lua:202: module 'DBI' not found:
	No LuaRocks module found for DBI
	no field package.preload['DBI']

So, I looked up the errors and found that LuaDBI dependency is required for Lua to capitalize on SQL capabilities.

But since jitsi release stable-7439 consists of Lua 5.4 internally, this version of Lua does not support the LuaDBI dependency so as to speak from this link about the module.

Does this mean latest releases of Jitsi will no longer support prosody having SQL storage?

Jitsi-meet, and particularly prosody xan run and with lua 5.2 without a problem.

Which version of jitsi will have prosody with Lua 5.2?

I could see in the jitsi docker repository on github that the prosody dockerfile explicitly removes all versions of Lua before 5.4 and installs Lua 5.4

Ah sorry I was not aware you are using docker, in those images it uses 5.4, not sure how easy is for you to revert it back to 5.2.
I’m saying that jitsi-meet has no dependency on 5.2 or 5.4 lua. Our component has a dependency on prosody which works with 5.2 and recommends 5.4.

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