Prosody 1024 limit?

Recently one of your signaling server got hit with below error from Prosody:
server.lua: Disallowed FD number: 1024

And we found this piece of code in Prosody:

So it seems like this is the hard limit of how many people a jicofo can support? Or did I misunderstand anything here?


You are right, that’s why for we started using prosody 0.11 and we switched from select to epoll network backend, where this limitation is missing.

Thanks for your quick response.

So it seems like prosody 0.11 + epoll is pretty stable for jitsi? We are already on prosody 0.11, can we just turn on epoll? Anything else (other settings etc) we should pay attention to?

Thanks again!

nope, just turn it on. Make sure that prosody process can open enough file handlers, check the OS fd open limits.

We deployed jitsi with docker. When we check it in ps, prosody is run by systemd+. So we are not very sure if we should set /etc/systemd/system.conf or /etc/security/limits.conf.

Since we are here, another question is that do we need to increase fd limit for jvb as well and how should we set it for jvb?


I’m not the right person to ask about docker, sorry. @saghul can you chime in?