Proposal: Fix connection issues with "unable to create new native thread" in jicofo.log

Hi together

First things first: Thank you for your great work, jitsi team!

I just had an issue with jicofo and systemd limits and wanted to share the solution I found:

When you have connection issues and your jicofo.log file reports

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

your jicofo might be unable to start enough tasks due to systemd task limitations.
On my Ubuntu 18.04 setup, jicofo initially just was allowed to have 60 tasks running,
which was too low to even startup properly.
I don’t know, why jvb’s systemd limits are not effective for jicofo,
but I found a proper workaround without changing global systemd config (as proposed in docu):

Instead of setting




globally, which punches a hole in any system’s security setup,
you can create a specific systemd service file for jicofo:

sudo systemctl edit jicofo.service

Add the following lines:

# more threads for this process
# allow more open files for this process

And save/close the editor.
The jicofo service is restarted automatically afterwards.

To see that it works you can check jicofo’s systemd status:

sudo systemctl status jicofo.service

The point “Tasks” should say

Tasks: [somenumber] (limit: 65000)

I added the nproc and nofile limits as well,
just to avoid similar issues with these limits in the future.
This sets the same limits for jicofo as for the regular jitsi videobridge service.
My server worked like a charm afterwards.

Hope that helps