Proper way to use "startrecording" to stream to custom rtmp link

What parameters need to be configured to be able to start stream to custom rtmp link

api.executeCommand('startRecording', {
    mode: string //recording mode, either `file` or `stream`.
    dropboxToken: string, //dropbox oauth2 token.
    shouldShare: boolean, //whether the recording should be shared with the participants or not. Only applies to certain jitsi meet deploys.
    rtmpStreamKey: string, //the RTMP stream key.
    rtmpBroadcastID: string, //the RTMP broadcast ID.
    youtubeStreamKey: string, //the youtube stream key.
    youtubeBroadcastID: string //the youtube broacast ID.

this is the documentation but when i set youtubeStreamKey with my “rtmp://custom-endpoint” jibri logs says that ffmpeg trying to start stream with link rtmp://{custom rtmp endpoint}

If i execute command with rtmpStreamKey only, error “missing youtube stream key” appears.

What version of Jitsi Meet are you running? In the latest stable, you can stream to pretty much any working RTMP. There’s no need for any additional configuration, just enter your RTMP key and you’re good to go.

I’m using latest stable. and want to start stream via External API. As I described in the first post, executing command “startRecording” wont start the stream with proper link. So my question was:
I have rtmp link, how to call this startRecording command to tell jibri to start stream with my link instead of youtube? No matter what I do, jibri append my link to youtube rtmp endpoint.

@jallamsetty Does the external API support this?

@Faktorium, you just need to specify mode as stream and provide the rtmpStreamKey in the options for start recording.

@jallamsetty, ok, but what value for youtubeStreamKey ? If I only set rtmpStreamKey the message “missing youtube stream key” appears in console and stream is not initialized at all.

You don’t have to specify the youtubeStreamKey, can you please paste the full command here ?

this.api.executeCommand('startRecording', {
      mode: 'stream', 
      dropboxToken: '',
      shouldShare: false,
      rtmpStreamKey: 'rtmp://'

with this , stream won’t initialize and throw error “missing youtube stream key”.

What backend are you using for this ? The external API there doesn’t seem to support RTMP streaming.

Looks like RTMP streaming support for external API is not in the latest stable, you will have to update jitsi-meet-web to a version newer than 4487.

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Thank you @jallamsetty, for now I just remove replace youtubelink with blank string and recompile jitsi. Not the best solution but for me it is suitable because we use jitsi’s live streaming only via external_api.