Proper Implementation of Jitsi SDK for One to One Communication Using Cocapod in iOS

Hi team I am implementing jitsi SDK using cocapod in iOS (Swift). My App having One to One Communication from Api I am getting url of meeting and implemented Code of jitsi but I am facing many issues like blank screen , after removing background again join meeting then get already a jitsi fellow member in the meetings.
AnyOne Help me ??
Thanks Again

Please stop creating multiple threads for the same issue.

Same response to your other posts:

  • Make sure voip is added to UIBackgroundModes , in the app’s Info.playlist , in order to work when the app is in the background.

And as Freedie said stop creating diferent post for the same issue. That is not nice :confused:

Hi @Edgar_Osorio @Freddie Thanks for reply.
I am Added voip in Background but it’s not working Facing Same issues.

Would recommend check the example

For what you describe sounds that you don’t destroy the jitsi object after the conference

Check the code of the example and implement whatever method you are missing

Good luck

Thanks For the reply @Edgar_Osorio . I am here mention the link of code whatever implemented . Can you guide me where I did the Mistakes.
Thank You.