Project: Jitsi Documentation Website

Like I’ve mentioned in the community call I’ve started generating a docs website using docusaurus 2.
The project will download the latest releases of the jitsi repositories from GitHub and copies the docs into the docusaurus directory. Docusaurus will then generate the docs website out of them.

There are still some todo’s e.g. some sites are broken because of incompatible markdown files.
I would appreciate feedback and also some help. Thanks you guys for this amazing project.


Hey bro. Great initiative. Our Talent Pool has created such a documentation project. You can find it at

We would be honoured to have you onboard as a contributor to the website. Our docs are available on GitHub. If you are interested, reply here for send me an email at

Hi @sapkra. Saw your star on github. We really appreciate it . Kindly get back to us so we can have a conversation. We are very interested in your startup.

Thanks for setting this up @sapkra . I have started moving some ‘tutorials’ and ressources from this community to the Github Wiki of Jitsi Meet and I’d be open to help out with an open-source initiative like that.

Unfortunately, it’s not really clear to me how to easily contribute. Could you provide some details on how to do that and how it works? Where can we see the docs?

Our documentation is ready for you to use and contribute.
You can find out how to contribute here

You can even chat with a LIVE community, unlike here at