Production Installation


Recently I successfully installed Jitsi server edition and have been dealing with configuring it for production. In this context, I have some questions to make the installation more secure.

  1. Jitsi comes with a default home page that allows random users to create a new meeting. We don’t want to provide all users such a feature. How can I properly disable it?

  2. Although I disabled the welcome page using the following article, meeting urls are still predictable and open for all users. Jitsi creates a new meeting or attends an existing meeting when we go through a url such as How can I disable it?

  1. Rooms are not secured with password by default. Each meeting must be private in our scenario so no one can access another meeting which is not created for themselves. How can I do that?

  2. I am not sure if Jitsi can support E2E. If it does, can you share an article that explains how to set up?

My questions are all above. Thank you for kindly answers.

to achieve these goals most Jitsi installation have authentication, and only authenticated users create rooms (they are called ‘moderators’). The 2 most used authentication schemes are

  • secure domain: it’s a simple internal Prosody authentication, suitable for small setups
  • JWT: for more advanced use
    In both cases rooms are usually secured with the lobby, the moderators grant access (or not)

E2E means ‘End to end’ in Jitsi-meet. It’s enabled by default when 2 users only connect to a room. It’s a special case, the media data don’t transit through the server and is exchanged directly between the browsers.

But maybe you mean E2EE (End to end Encryption) ? It allows browsers to encrypt media data before sending it to the server when there are more than 2 users. It’s still in beta, can be used but not fully polished yet.

And the answers to all these questions are already available in the forum. You just have to take time and search a little…

Thank you @gpatel-fr @Prashanth sometimes we don’t have time enough to do a comprehensive research under deadline pressure. Also I would expect all these answers to be documented officially because as you said they are frequently asked.

This is already documented FAQ · Jitsi Meet Handbook

if you are speaking about encryption it’s in beta and not yet documented.

You expect and yes it would be better, but someone has to take that responsibility of collecting all the frequently asked questions and add it to FAQs…