Product Development Suggestions

I tried for several weeks to get a Jitsi system set up on an 8 core server with 1Gb/s bandwidth. Sadly, I had to stop and go to several Zoom accounts to achieve what was needed within the required timescale. I was very surprised at the much better quality of a Zoom Pro account with 20 or 30 people in a session.

I really wish Jitsi well for the future. As an ex product manager in the telecoms industry and in the spirit of helpfulness, I suggest the following are urgently needed.

  1. Documentation.
  2. Better guidelines on performance and server requirements for different capacity levels.
  3. An uninstall script that stops all related processes and leaves the server clean, so that a new installation works.
  4. Easy performance monitoring - CPU threads, Memory, Swapping, Bandwidth.
  5. Performance analysis guidance.
  6. GUI or ncurses front end for changing configuration.
  7. GUI tool for managing meetings and listing, adding and changing users.

Good Luck for the future.

Thanks for the feedback. As an active contributor, perhaps I can help in some of the areas you mentioned.

Do you remember anything that was particularly missing or badly written ?

Why ? Most people will be using VPS environments for small tests. It’s rather easy to backup/restore a server under such environments. Do you see other use cases where this would be useful ?

I agree this is missing from the widely available free open source code.

You could, however, use 8x8 Jitsi Meet commercial service and have such features - a better scenario than using Zoom IMO.

I suggest you read through the forum. You will find plenty of evidence backing up what I said. From someone setting up a separate documentation site, etc, etc.

On just one point: a VPS did not work with more than six people, so I upgraded to a dedicated server. So, you need to make it better.

The biggest justification is that the charity I work for is now using Zoom Pro.

Please, when you receive criticism that tries to be helpful, don’t fight it, look into it, see if it is true and find the root causes, then do something to remove the problems. Watch how Zoom is dealing with its security issues.

Good Luck, as I said before.

I understand your frustration. I contribute here daily, and read a lot of posts. Jitsi Meet is rapidly improving, just not at the phenomenal rate people are adopting it with similar expectations to what huge companies can accomplish with essentially unlimited resources.

I’ll keep a bookmark on this while working on improving Jitsi Meet suppport and documentation, thanks again for sharing.


I have contributed in a small way to many open source projects. This one is extremely complicated, and I do appreciate the problems.