Problems with websocket of Colibri client-to-bridge messages


we have a relatively large Jitsi setup with hundreds of video bridges. Overall it runs quite stable, but sometimes more sometimes less we have it that websocket connections are aborted or rejected. When a connection is reset, we think it is due to nginx timeouts. Is there a setting on the bridge or client that can be set to e.g. keep alives or a ping from client to bridge or vice versa?

For the rejected connections we see the following in the log:
WARNING: Incoming web socket request with an invalid password. Expected: somepasswordhashorso , received someotherpasswordhashorso
and we can see 403 forbidden in the browsers dev console.
Does anyone know this and has a solution for the problem?

Thanks a lot


Which versions do you use, there was a problem at some point and it got fixed. Someone from the community reported the same.

Package: jitsi-videobridge2
Version: 2.1-376-g9f12bfe2-1

Hi @damencho, see the version we have installed.

Yep, you better update to latest.

I have the same problem. Running JVB 2.1+416+g2f43d1b4-2.

Any advice?