Problems with the connection

Hi All,

I’m a member of a Spanish grassroots organization that fights for the right to housing and we have been using jitsi for our online assembly since April 2020. We normally are between 30 to 50 people and until a few weeks ago it worked perfect.

In the last week it’s running awful. People gets kick out of the assembly with no reason, others can’t access or have a lot of difficulties, others the video doesn’t work, or we can’t hear them…

I’m writing to see if anyone knows the reason why is no longer working properly or any suggestion to improve. We have decreased the quality of the video, no one connects the camera unless it speaks, all micros are silent except the one that speaks… but its not improving.

thank you for your help. I will appreciate a quick answer as jitsi is very important for us in the middle of the pandemic.


Since a couple of weeks on self hosted version we see similar strange bad quality, poor connections, people not being able to connect etc… Almost feels like some bugs in the last few stables?

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totally!! do you know why is happening? Is there anything you have done that makes it run better?