Problems with integrating into Moodle

I fully understand that you don’t support moodle or the jitsi-meet plugin for it. I was hoping for at least a little information as to what might be going on. I installed jitsi-meet on the server per the install guide. It works great on its own. When I try to schedule and attend a meeting through moodle, I get this:

I checked Chrome’s inspector window and the html for the iframe is:
<iframe src="https://jitsi.REDACTED.REDACTED/UWBW-1-Inhaling#jitsi_meet_external_api_id=0&amp;config.channelLastN=20&amp;interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_BUTTONS=%5B%22microphone%22%2C%22camera%22%2C%22closedcaptions%22%2C%22desktop%22%2C%22fullscreen%22%2C%22fodeviceselection%22%2C%22hangup%22%2C%22profile%22%2C%22chat%22%2C%22recording%22%2C%22%22%2C%22etherpad%22%2C%22%22%2C%22settings%22%2C%22raisehand%22%2C%22videoquality%22%2C%22filmstrip%22%2C%22invite%22%2C%22feedback%22%2C%22stats%22%2C%22shortcuts%22%2C%22tileview%22%2C%22%22%2C%22download%22%2C%22help%22%2C%22mute-everyone%22%5D&amp;interfaceConfig.SHOW_JITSI_WATERMARK=true&amp;" name="jitsiConferenceFrame0" id="jitsiConferenceFrame0" style="height: 650px; width: 100%; border: 0px none;" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

I am relatively new to both platforms. Could somebody give me an idea of where to start troubleshooting this issue?

Seems like webserver issue, not doing the match and redirect to index.

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don’t use special character in the name of the course " : - or in the name of the partecipants